Here's your chance to EXPLODE YOUR CONFIDENCE and become an absolute stonewall with powerful and proven mental training programs created specifically for Ice Hockey Goalies.


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Here's your chance to EXPLODE YOUR CONFIDENCE and become an
absolute stonewall with powerful and proven mental training programs created specifically for Ice Hockey Goalies.

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The Goalies Mind Gold Pack
Audio, Video, Visualization and EFT
plus the 28 Week Online Video Coaching Program

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The Goalie's Mind Volume I AudioThe Affirmation Program that started it all. Based on "Superlearning" techniques, this program works to make changes to the goalie's belief system at the deepest subconscious level. Goalies around the world have reported amazing results from listening to this program for a minimum of 30 consecutive days.
The Goalie's Mind Volume II AudioThis is the 2nd Affirmation Program that builds off of the affirmations and beliefs that are part of Volume I. Goalies should move onto Volume II after using Volume I consistently over a period of several weeks.
The Goalie's Mind 5 Step Mental Prep AudioThis is a very effective program that goalies use on the day of a game. There are 5 key steps that goalies should do to mentally prepare for a game in order to be ready to play "In The Zone." This audio program walks the goalie through all the steps.
The Goalie's Mind Pre-game Relaxation Audio This is a very effective program that goalies use prior to a game. This audio takes you through some techniques that will help you feel more relaxed prior to playing in a game. The program guides you through breathing and relaxation exercises, and includes a guided visualization to help put you into a confident state, ready to play your best game. The program finishes with some relaxation affirmations.
How To Consistently Play In The Zone Audio This audio program covers all the key mental training components that a goalie must master in order to play in the zone consistently. Learn the important breathing techniques that a goalie can do to synchronize the left and right side of the brain, bring the body and mind into balance, and pull all focus back into the present moment (all key to playing In The Zone).
The Goalie's Mind Guided Visualization Audio This program includes an introduction to visualization, giving you an overview of what visualization is, why it is so effective, and how best to do it. It also includes a guided visualization that will get you started doing visualization the right way. Use this program as long as you need to, and you will eventually be doing effective visualizations all on your own. Just about every elite athlete credits visualization as being a key part of their mental training, and part of the reason they are able to achieve great success.

The Goalie's Mind "Visualize This!" Video This is a video that you can download to your computer instantly. This video will get you pumped up and ready to play "In The Zone." It combines video, and affirmations along with a high energy music track to help get you mentally "up" and focused on playing at your best. It is a great tool to help you get better at visualizations as well. You'll love this.

The Goalie's Mind EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) For Goalies In order to play "In The Zone," a goalie must be completely free of all negative emotion. EFT is a very powerful, yet extremely simple technique that goalies can use to instantly rid themselves of debilitating emotions such as nervousness, fear, frustration, anger, worry, sadness, self-doubt and embarrassment.

Use this technique to get rid of ALL negative emotions and you'll be on your way to playing "In The Zone." Elite athletes all over the world are using EFT to lower their golf scores, hit more homeruns, pitch more strikes, kick more field goals and throw more touchdown passes. Now goalies can use it to stop more pucks... and win more games!

Bonus Programs

The Goalie's Mind 28 Week Online Video Coaching Program The perfect companion to all of the training tools we offer. You will receive a new online video coaching session each week along with some great surprises along the way. The sessions will walk you through how to best use all of the tools, and will teach you everything you need in order to play consistently in the zone. You'll start by setting goals and using the affirmation programs. You'll then move into sessions on how to practice the right way, how to manage emotions, how to deal with adversity. Finally, you'll move into more advanced training sessions on how to do visualization and using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to manage emotions. You'll have the opportunity to submit a feedback form each week to ask any questions or to make any comments. There is a surprise bonus after graduation too!

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